Hello, I’m Katina! I’m a freelance writer and translator living in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve written scenarios for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, fleshed out alien races for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, and I’ve worked with Black Book Editions to translate French roleplaying games into English. I currently work as the Webstore Coordinator at Paizo Inc, and am continuing my freelance with work on Pathfinder Second Edition. I also play Mykah, the gnome wizard in Paizo’s Oblivion Oath liveplay game on Twitch and Youtube.

When I’m not writing you’re likely to find me crafting, reading with one of my two cats on my lap, or playing video and board games with my husband. I love to travel and learn languages, so hopefully my translation services will expand over time. I’m usually trying to get into 13 new hobbies at any given moment. I am fueled by the groans caused by my puns.